Reducing while producing

What is the purpose of a super-efficient car, when the process of producing the car nullifies its efficiency? We believe the production process should be altered in drastic ways. As the switch to electrical drivetrains requires significant changes to the vehicles’ design, we think that this is the perfect moment to step away from the traditional design mentality and start with a clean slate.

What we do


Every year, TU/ecomotive builds an innovative, electric car. We have developed our countries most efficient city car and the year after that we have created the world's first modular car. This year, we will take the next step to get closer to what we think will be the future of mobility.


We want to show the world, and especially the automotive industry, that there is a lot of potential in the evolution of the car. Through building compact and efficient city cars from durable materials, we are showing how cars of the future should be build.
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Our challenge is to create awareness among the car owners of today and tomorrow. The automotive industry as we know it is changing and this the moment to step up and show the possible applications of today’s technology in tomorrow’s car.
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Developing the car of the future requires a skilled multidisciplinary team; this year our team consists of 21 enthusiastic members from the University of Technology Eindhoven. Apart from the technical side of our project, the team is responsible for all organizational tasks and financing.
Meet our team

Join TU/ecomotive

Are you TU/ecomotive’s new event manager or Material engineer?

After the success of Lina, World’s First Structural Bio-based Car, last year, our team is ready to start a new chapter of our sustainable challenge. This year with a brand new team! However, our team is not yet complete.
To build and showcase this year’s car we are still looking for an Event Manager and a Material Engineer.
As an Event Manager you will be working together with the board to create and arrange an event to showcase the EM-05, this year’s car. The exact details of the event have not yet been decided, so there is still a lot of creative space for you to use! We are looking for a motivated student that can handle stress and wants to contribute to the team (part-time or full-time).
As a Material Engineer your main task will be developing and testing new materials that will be used in the EM-05. These materials will be in line with the vision of our new concept and need to be thoroughly examined before it can be used. You will work closely together with the mechanical team and are vital for a success of the new car. We are looking for a motivated student that has (or wants to develop) knowledge about materials (and their properties), who is not afraid to get his/her hands dirty and is able to contribute to the team (part-time or full-time).
Are you interested, or do you have any other questions about these functions? Please contact our PR-Manager Yasmin through email:
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Interested to take part in creating the future of mobility, but not as one of these functions? Send an email!


Monday 12 Jun 2017

Promotion tour

Since we are very proud of our project we organized a promotion week to show Lina to the Netherlands
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Monday 29 May 2017

Shell Eco-marathon 2017

The efficiency race where we show the actual potential of Shell Eco-marathon concept cars.
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Eindhoven University of Technology
Horsten 8
Eindhoven 5612 AX
KVK 56644795

Team Manager

Jelle Vonk
+31 6 42 09 93 41

External Relations

Ellen Veldman
+31 6 15 49 06 77

Jonathan Verhaar
+31 6 15 61 68 07

Public Relations

Cas Verstappen
+31 6 46 78 77 22

Yasmin Amel Gharib
+31 6 13 06 28 10

Technical Project Manager

Bram Labee
+31 6 46 66 01 58


It was a real honor working with the team of TU/ecomotive! They really have things sorted out with a real clear vision of their goals and challenges. This might be the next big thing and a solution to the problems that automotive face these days!

Eugene Blommeart - Gelijk Anders
During the months from November 2014 til February 2015 we assisted the students of the TU/ecomotive design group with the design of their most modern electrical car to date. The car will be unveiled this April at AutoRai in Amsterdam

Igor Hoogerwoord - Thundercloud
Thanks to the team for selecting one our high-effiency gearboxes. We learned that every member of this team was very professional, truly dedicated and had a high technical knowledge. This all resulted in a fantastic concept!

Eric Megens - Apex Dynamics
It was great to be asked as design consultant for the TU/ecomotive team for the second time. This year’s blank sheet of paper approach was fantastic; for me as an automotive designer the ideal situation. The team has pushed far and hard to continuously improve the vehicle on all levels. They are highly motivated, their aims and goals ambitious but realistic, and their viewpoint very much needed in today’s world.

Niels van Roij - Niels van Roij Design

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