Reducing while producing

What is the purpose of a super-efficient car, when the process of producing the car nullifies its efficiency? We believe the production process should be altered in drastic ways. As the switch to electrical drivetrains requires significant changes to the vehicles’ design, we think that this is the perfect moment to step away from the traditional design mentality and start with a clean slate.

What we do


Every year, TU/ecomotive builds an innovative, electric car. We have developed our countries most efficient city car and the year after that we have created the world's first modular car. This year, we will take the next step to get closer to what we think will be the future of mobility.


We want to show the world, and especially the automotive industry, that there is a lot of potential in the evolution of the car. Through building compact and efficient city cars from durable materials, we are showing how cars of the future should be build.
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Our challenge is to create awareness among the car owners of today and tomorrow. The automotive industry as we know it is changing and this the moment to step up and show the possible applications of today’s technology in tomorrow’s car.
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Developing the car of the future requires a skilled multidisciplinary team; this year our team consists of 21 enthusiastic members from the University of Technology Eindhoven. Apart from the technical side of our project, the team is responsible for all organizational tasks and financing.
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Interested to take part in creating the future of mobility? TU/ecomotive is looking for a new board and team for the academic year of 2017-2018. For more information:



Monday 12 Jun 2017

Promotion tour

Since we are very proud of our project we organized a promotion week to show Lina to the Netherlands
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Monday 29 May 2017

Shell Eco-marathon 2017

The efficiency race where we show the actual potential of Shell Eco-marathon concept cars.
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