Creating awareness

Our challenge is to create awareness among the car owners of today and tomorrow. The automotive industry as we know it is changing and this the moment to step up and show the possible applications of today’s technology in tomorrow’s car.

Road legal

In order to prove that our cars are not just a prototype, we strive to proof our vehicles for public roads. Isa was designed to be fully road legal and has received a license plate from the RDW. Because of this Isa was the most efficient road legal vehicle in The Netherlands at the time of approval. Nova was designed to meet all requirements set by the RDW as well.

In the examination by the RDW, safety plays a leading role. We want to proof that even cars that are as lightweight as ours can be made to the same degree of safety. Having a license plate allows us to show our vehicles range and practicality in the environment it was designed for.

Shell Eco-marathon

To proof the efficiency of our car we take part in the Urban Concept class of the Shell EcoMarathon. This is a competition meant for hyper-efficient vehicles, powered by a range of different fuels. We compete in the battery electric class. In doing so we want to proof that a car can be fully road legal whilst still competing with some of the most efficient vehicles in the world.

Change the mindset

The aforementioned steps are to be taken by us in order to show people the validity of our vision. We hope to change the mindset of people, the way people view mobility. We will continue to do so with our next vehicle, of which the design will be presented in the start of 2017