Isa is the second car ever produced by the team and has been unveiled in the spring of 2014. The focus of Isa was to not just produce a highly efficient car, but also add certain features that would greatly enhance the practicality of the car as a whole. Isa is fully electric and seats two persons. By reducing the weight to just over 200 kilograms, Isa can reach a fual consumption equivalent of 1 litre on 500 kilmoters.


Isa is also the first car of TU/ecomotive to receive a license plate that allows the car to be used on the public road. Next to practicality the team focused on producing a car that was fit for real-world conditions and the public road. With the team being the only car competing in the Shell Eco-Marathon that has an official license plate, placed the car into a completely new category of the race.