EM-04: Lina

Wednesday 17 May 2017

Meet Lina, world's first structural bio-based car!

On May the 17th we officialy unveiled our fourth concept car: Lina. World's first car made from bio composites.

Unique to Lina is that her entire chassis, body and interior are made from bio-based materials. Thanks to a weight of just 310 kilograms, the car is extremely efficient, which will be shown during the Shell Eco-marathon 2017 at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London. The city car seats four people.

TU/ecomotive utilizes a combination of bio-based composites and bio-based plastics to create their chassis. The bio-based composite is made from flax, a plant that can be grown in the any moderate climate. The bio-composite has a strength/weight ratio similar to glass fibre, but is manufactured in a sustainable manner. A honeycomb shaped core produced from bio-plastic, known as PLA and made entirely from sugar beets, is placed in-between two flax composite sheets to provide stiffness to the strong composite.

The drivetrain of Lina is electric. Power is supplied by modular battery packs, giving a power output of 8kW using 2 DC-motors. This allows Lina to reach a top speed of 80 km/h.

Lina is the next step to what we think is the car of the future. Sustainable materials, efficient drivetrain and still practical due to its four seats and small dimensions. More information on Lina can be found here.