LIVE BLOG - Shell Eco-marathon 2017

Tuesday 23 May 2017

LIVE BLOG - Shell Eco-marathon 2017

Keeping you up-to-date on our Shell Eco-marathon journey. These links will guide you to our latest footage: video, photo.

Sunday 16:00
The last day of the Shell Eco-marathon 2017 has arrived. Packing the paddock and moving Lina back into the trailer is our main activity today. Before we started cleaning op we made a new team photo.


Saturday 18:00
Yesterday we had our highlight of the Shell Eco-marathon. Today we had all day to work on the car. Technical team kept on working hard today. They fixed the head up display and the rear suspension can be completely controlled from the inside of the car. Electrical team installed mood lightning in the car so the NFC tags can be used for personalization.

To show you what the SEM looks like as a visitor we created a new video.

Friday 16:00
We flew around the track today! We were allowed to take two laps around the beautiful track here in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. At 12:00 we rode Lina to the track were we waited until we could enter. 13:45 was the time when the marshals told us we could go for a drive. Jérôme was driving the car and accelerated it up to an amazing 55 km/h in his first lab. Lina drove very smooth and climbed the hill easily. At 14:45 we could have another go and we again did not encounter any problems.

We are very happy with today’s results and are thankful that the organization gave us the opportunity to drive around today. Today’s movie is in the making but some pictures are already available here!


Friday 12:00
Testing went great this morning. Lina drove very well and we are certain we can drive around the track. We are now moving Lina towards the track where we will wait for the green light.

Friday 09:00
Today we will be driving in a media time slot, scheduled at 12:45 local time. This morning Lina is being prepped by the technical team. If we are lucky we can get fifteen minutes of driving at the test track before entering the real track. Since we did not pass all of the inspections we can only test if the test track is not in use by other teams.

Thursday 16:00
Today we had a whole day to work on the car. Electro team is working hard so the car will be in optimal state tomorrow and at the NXP event. The ampere meter and the DNR are working properly now after a software update.
From this day on there are also visitors at the SEM. Many schools are visiting today to take a look at the future of mobility.

Wednesday 16:00
Previous events do not mean we have time to relax. The electrical team is installing the NFC tags in the doors, sponsored by NXP. Meanwhile the media noticed our car and came by to take some video’s, photos and interviews. The content will be posted later this week so keep an eye out. Our PR team is on a roll and has finished today’s movie! Check it here!

Today we passed all the tests that are necessary to allow Lina on to the official Shell track. Since Lina is built for the public roads she does not match the weight budget set by Shell at 225 kilograms. That is why we will not be driving with the other contestant’s vehicles. Of course we would not have come to London if we were not able to drive Lina on this beautiful parkour. Together with the Shell car, we will drive on Friday afternoon during a special media slot. We are very happy to show Lina to the public this way and hope we can inspire other students, the industry and the public with the world’s first biobased car!

Wednesday 11:30
We passed eight of the tests. Apart from the other four tests mentioned earlier we also passed:

5. Seat Belt : Like any car we need a seatbelt. It has to be properly attached to be safe, and we did in the correct manner.
6. Exit time : In case of emergency the driver needs to be able to get out of the vehicle quickly. We could in under 10 seconds so we passed.
7. Design check : This test is to make sure we built our car according to the design rules. They were not sure about our wheel arches at first, but today we passed the test.
8. Vehicle dimension : We built Lina with the maximum dimensions possible, so we only just fitted through the checking gate, but we did pass!
(9). Energy configuration : All electronics have to be safe and secure. Lina passed the test but unfortunately they could not let us pass because we did not install a joule meter.

Wednesday 09:30
We have arrived in the technical inspection and are ready for the next tests.

Wednesday 01:30
The rear brake has been fixed. The front brake is more complicated. With the tools we have in our paddock we are not 100% sure we can fix the brakes without demolishing the knuckle. We decided to not fix the brakes but proof that the brakes are strong enough as they are now. Bas and Jérôme made a FEM analysis of both situation to proof that flipping the disc will not improve the brake power. The result was positive. The difference is almost nothing. Today we will show our analysis to the marshal at the technical inspection and we hope they will let us pass the test.

(on the left: current situation; on the right: desired situation by SEM)

Tuesday 18:30
We have made it into the inspection area. Our progress can be followed live here (UrbanConcept & Battery-electric). So far we have passed the following inspections:

1. Driver weight : The minimal weight of the driver is 70 kg, so the lightest members are our driver so we can add their weight to 70 kg to be as light as possible.
2. Turning Radius : the turning radius of the car cannot be bigger than 6 meters.
3. Visibility : to be safe on track we have to be able to see what is going on outside. Since we have eight large windows we passed the test.
4. Brake test : the brakes of the car have to keep the car up a very steep ramp to be sure they work properly.

Although we passed the brake test we have to replace our front left and rear right brake discs because the manufacturer documented that they have to be placed the other way around. Even though the brakes work perfectly, we have to change them. We will be back in the paddocks tonight keep on working.

Tuesday 15:30
Lina is placed in line for the technical inspection. We hope to enter the inspection area before they close at 18:00 so we don’t have to line up again tomorrow morning.

Tuesday 09:00
The technical team has already been working for two hours now. They finished the handbrake and final adjustments to the steering have been applied. The rest of the team members have set up camp in the rest area where the organization has placed some tables. Here we can continue our daily work and process all our footage from the day.


Monday 17:30
The paddock has been filled up with all the gear we need. We tried to get Lina in the paddock as well. Since we have the largest length possible she does not completely fit. Meaning her nose is partly in the hallway. At the campsite all tents and kitchen supplies have been set-up and diner is in the making.

Monday 09:00
We have arrived in England, a two hour drive took us to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London. When we were all gathered at the location we watched to safety instruction video. By doing this we got our wristbands which give us access to the SEM terrain and the Paddocks. We split up the team, one team went to the campsite and the other part of the team went to the paddocks.

Monday 03:00
Today we left for London to compete in the Shell Eco-marathon efficiency competition. From Eindhoven we will first go to Calais where we will cross the canal by boat.