Meet Lina, world's first bio-based car!

Wednesday 11 Jan 2017

Meet Lina, world's first structural bio-based car!

On January the 11th we revealed our fourth concept car: Lina. World's first car made from bio composites.

Lina is a four-seat electrical city car. Lina weighs only 300 kilograms, making her a very efficient car. This weight is realized using an innovative structural bio composite material made from flax. This material has a structure that is comparable with carbon fiber, but more than 90% biological. A sandwich panels is created by pressing two composite sheets against a 95% biological honeycomb PLA. These sandwich panels will be combined to form Lina’s chassis.

Lina will use a redesigned battery pack from Nova. Enabling easy battery swapping and the possibility to use new batteries technologies. Another feature making Lina future proof is the NFC tags in her doors. Lina can be unlocked with your smartphone. This enables the car to recognize the user and adapting to the user’s personal settings like a music playlist or phone contacts. This feature makes Lina perfect for car sharing services.

Lina is the next step to what we think is the car of the future. Sustainable materials, efficient drivetrain and still practical due to its four seats and small dimensions. More information on Lina can be found here.

  • EM-04 Lina
  • Chasis Lina