Promotion tour

Monday 12 Jun 2017

Since we are very proud of our project we organized a promotion week to show Lina to the Netherlands!

Dutch embassy in London

Together with NXP we hosted an event at the Dutch embassy to show and stimulate innovative projects like TU/ecomotive and our colleagues of Green team Twente. We started with a presentation for all guests and media. Afterwards the press had the opportunity to drive around in Lina. They all loved it and we generated some attention from the local news. Best of all, ambassador Simon Smits also drove along in Lina. He was very enthusiastic about the driving characteristics and our innovative concept.


Eindhoven – IKEA

In Eindhoven we made some great pictures of Lina. At city hall we had an appointment with the Mayor of Eindhoven: John Jorritsma. He took Lina for a spin and absolutely loved our concept and hard work. Although we were only there for 15 minutes we have not seen the Mayor without a smile on his face. In the afternoon we showed Lina at IKEA Eindhoven, a company also investing in sustainability.

John Jorritsma in Lina

Kinderdijk – Binnenhof – Louwman Museum – Instock

To celebrate all great Dutch innovation we went the Kinderdijk to make pictures with our famous windmills. Unfortunately it rained a lot so we were not able to drive around the park. We continued our journey to the political heart of the Netherlands to show Lina. Also in the Hague: Louwman Museum with a great collection of classic cars. We shot some great footage of Lina here. At the end of the day we ate at Instock, a restaurant which serves food that otherwise would be wasted, to end our second day very sustainable.

Lina in Louwman Museum

Sluiskil – Brunel Enschede

The journey continued to Zeeland, to van de Bilt Zaden en Vlas in Sluiskil for an event on Flax. We drove deputy Ben de Reu to one of their flax fields. A 3km long drive which went perfectly! Omroep Zeeland made a short clip about the event. After Zeeland we drove to Enschede for the Brunel zomerborrel at the University of Twente where we met our colleagues of Green Team Twente!

Lina at van de Bilt

Automotive Congress

The Automotive industry is a truly global sector characterized by complex value chains and continuous innovations. Internationalization and Collaboration are keywords for success. The congress enables the industry to share their ideas and reveal their technologies. We drove to Helmond to present our newest invention directly to the industry.

NXP – VDL – DDcom – Amber mobility – FRANS Prototyping

On the last day of the promotion tour we visited some of our partners in Eindhoven. At NXO we presented our vision to CEO NXP Nederland Guide Dierick. Next stop was VDL Fibertech Industries in Hapert where we showed Lina to a Canadian Delegation including the CEO of a successful biobased group in Alberta. DDcom visualisation was our next destination. We showed the end result of the renders they made for us. The end of the day we went back to High Tech Campus Eindhoven where Amber and FRANS Prototyping are located. Some old team members of TU/ecomotive started these companies and they were excited to meet Lina!