Modular car

The electric Nova has many modular features. This means that the car has many exchangeable and adjustable parts. Because of this, Nova can be configurated such that it fits every possible situation, and all specific customer needs. Furthermore, Nova is very environmentally friendly. Her light weight makes her very efficient, and the body panels are bio-degradeble because they are made of a bio composite.


Nova's modular features have many benefits. One of the most prominent modular characteristics is the fact that the body panels can be easily exchanged. The body panels can be attached to the frame by means of a click system. This way the shape and colour of the car can be adjusted to the user's wishes at any given time. Another one of Nova's important modular features is the exchangeable battery system. This system enables the user to easily exchange the batteries that provide the power to the car's motors. When a battery runs empty it can be replaced with a full one in a matter of minutes. This is a great benefit over conventional electric cars, of which the charging of the batteries takes much longer. Other properties that help Nova being applicable to every situation are the easily replacable back seats and other interior parts.

In addition, the modular characteristic of Nova also has benefits that go beyond the functional. It enables to user to get the feeling of driving in a new car, every day, over and over again. The owner can change the looks and feels of the car as much as he/she wants. This can be done with both the exterior, by changing body panels, and with the interior, by setting the colors of the interior lighting or personalising the infotainment system. These are just a few of the numerous possibilities for personalising Nova. This way, the car can be adjusted to fit every life of the user. The car can last a lifetime.

Environmentally friendly

The modular car is also very environmentally friendly; not only in terms of its efficiency, but also in terms of waste reduction. A challenging problem nowadays is the production of mountains of waste; think of the garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean. Because a modular car is very easy to change, it is also very easily repairable. You don’t have to buy a new car if one key component breaks down, because it can easily be replaced. The car can live forever, strongly reducing the wasteful and energy-consuming process of producing a brand new car. The effiency of the car itself is also very high. Because of the Nova's light weight - in the road configuration she weighs less than 300 kg - she consumes extremely few energy. An energy consumption of the equivalent of 400 kilometers of 1 liter of fuel is possible.

Official unveiling

The news about Nova's official unveiling, on the 16th of April, can be read here.